Wisconsin Football Coach Gary Andersen gets a Corn-maze-ing Welcome

Forget rolling out the red (and white) carpet. Schuster’s Playtime Farm near Deerfield, Wisconsin is welcoming University of Wisconsin's new head football coach Gary Andersen on a much larger scale – with a corn maze in his likeness.

Badger fans of all ages can wander through the maze and emerge victorious for the “W,” testing their endurance, speed and accuracy in preparation to win at home and on the road. The maze features Andersen’s face as well as a football with the iconic motion “W” and the message, “Welcome to Camp Randall.” 

Creating a corn maze is no easy task. The design is executed by a mower with a GPS mounted on it, and it takes hours to cut the maze in the desired shape. While weekly mowing is normally needed to keep the shape of a corn maze, perhaps Schuster’s should consider using Paul Bunyan’s Axe to chop down the growing corn. After all, it has been here since 2004 and with no plans to send it back to Minnesota anytime soon, it should be put to good use.

Welcome, Coach Andersen, and go Badgers!

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