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  • Snowmaking Begins at Wisconsin's Ski Resorts

    Last Updated: 11/11/2016

    Wisconsin is known for being a paradise for winter recreation enthusiasts, but when Mother Nature does not cooperate, resorts around Wisconsin step in with their own snowmaking equipment to ensure conditions remain perfect for your downhill adventures. Check out these facilities that make sure the weather will never slow you down.

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  • Five Ski-Side Cabins in Wisconsin

    Last Updated: 11/14/2016

    Spend less time traveling to your destination and more time out on the slopes or trails. Here is our selection of ski-side cabins where all the action you crave is just steps outside your door.

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  • Downhill Skiing and Snowboarding in Wisconsin

    Last Updated: 12/28/2016

    With 30 ski areas around the state, there is an opportunity far and wide to discover the art and exhilaration of skiing and snowboarding. Tear up the slopes!

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  • Skiing and Snowboarding Rock in Wisconsin

    Last Updated: 1/15/2016

    Snowboarders and skiers from throughout the country are dreaming of cold temperatures, big snowstorms, doing tricks off terrain features and carving turns down freshly groomed slopes. And those snow lovers are in luck.

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  • 5 Great Snowboarding Parks in Wisconsin

    Last Updated: 12/2/2016

    When Tyrol Basin near Mount Horeb reopened its ski hill in 1989, some of its early customers favored the then-new sport of snowboarding over traditional downhill skiing. So they asked manager Don McKay about installing a half-pipe. "What the heck is a hal

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  • 5 Snow Tubing Hills Perfect for the Whole Family

    Last Updated: 12/2/2016

    It's winter fun that's fast (literally), easy and doesn't require any expensive equipment. Here are some of the best hills in the state.

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  • Bewitching Bayfield: A Wisconsin Winter Getaway

    Last Updated: 12/6/2016

    Far from urban cares and suburban sprawl, the tiny town of Bayfield is your winter gateway to Lake Superior and the magnificent Apostle Islands.

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  • Wisconsin-Style Snowboarding: All You Need to Know

    Last Updated: 12/7/2016

    Check out some of Wisconsin's top resorts for a snowboarding adventure.

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  • Winter Sports in the Superior-Douglas County Area

    Last Updated: 12/2/2016

    With pristine landscapes and more than 325 miles of beautiful groomed trails, the Superior/Douglas County area offers activities from snowmobiling to skijoring, cross country skiing and ice fishing making it a haven for outdoor enthusiasts.

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  • Wisconsin Snow Perfect for Skiers, Boarders & Bilers

    Last Updated: 12/5/2016

    From mid-December through March, Wisconsin’s snowfall beckons outdoor sports enthusiasts to hit the trails, hop on the lift and rev up the engines. No wonder the state is a haven for downhill and cross-country skiing, snowboarding and snowmobiling.

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