January is Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month

Bright sunlight, brisk air, stunning views, the swooshing sound and exhilarating feeling as you glide back and forth down a beautifully groomed hill await those who learn to ski or snowboard. And there is no time like the present to learn – January is Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month (LSSM) and with 30 ski areas around the state, there is an opportunity to discover the art of skiing and snowboarding.

Many ski areas are offering great values in Learn to Ski and Snowboard Programs for LSSM. And taking a lesson from a pro is the best way to learn and begin to master the basics and techniques. Because once you have those basics under your belt, it’s only a matter of practice before you’re hitting the black diamond slopes.

5 Reasons to Learn 

1. Family. Many parents teach their children how to ride bikes for the summer and skiing or snowboarding offers a great outdoor family activity for winter. Picture that proud moment when your little tyke makes their way down the hill all on their own the first time (without falling – hurray!). And if you’re not a pro skier or snowboarder yourself, most ski areas offer lessons for reasonable rates, especially for children. It pays off to learn the basics and techniques right away. Learning a new sport and participating in a new activity as a family creates a lifetime of wonderful memories –don’t forget the camera!

2. Great Winter Sports. Some people might consider winter the time to bundle up inside and wait until spring arrives. But why waste the beautiful brisk weather and pristine snow? Winter brings a slew of new activities and opportunities to play outside and skiing and snowboarding are great winter sports that get you (and your family, significant other, and friends) outside and living it up. Celebrate the amazing winter season by learning a new sport – after all, being active and happy are at the top of many people’s New Year’s resolutions and learning to ski and snowboard fulfill both of those! Embrace winter and all of its possibilities!

3. Programs make it easy to learn. So far we’ve established that skiing and snowboarding are great for family time and getting outside enjoying winter. But what about the actually learning to ski and snowboard? There’s a lot more to it than strapping yourself in and going down the hill hoping for the best. Luckily, almost every ski area in the state (there are 30 of them) offer programs to teach you. Qualified instructors teach basic techniques to make you successful when going down the hill the first time. These programs make it so easy to learn and offer rewarding results – for children and adults. With any new sport it is important to master the rules and basics of the game. Once you have the foundation built it’s just practice, practice, practice before you’ll be tearing up those black diamonds in no time!

4. Winter vacations simplified. Looking for an easy winter vacation? Well, with 30 ski and snowboard areas around the state, packing the car and finding a great place to learn to ski and snowboard for a weekend makes for a fantastic winter getaway. Use the Snow Conditions Report to plan your next adventure – by clicking on the map, you can zoom to a destination of choice and find nearby lodging and dining. Plus, many ski areas offer nighttime skiing and snowboarding and other nighttime entertainment so you can be sure you won’t complain of being bored. Learning to ski or snowboard makes for a fun and easy winter weekend getaway!

5. Be active and have fun. Finally, when it comes down to it, skiing and snowboarding are sports, which offer an opportunity to be active and healthy and have fun – all at the same time! In addition to the health benefits of being active (it takes work to maneuver down the hill and get back to the top) just being outside and in the fresh air really does wonders for your health. If it’s sunny when you are on the hill, you can also be sure that you’re getting your daily fill of Vitamin D, something people find hard to do in winter. And lastly, spending time with family and friends while gliding down a hill, with an exhilarating feeling of pride and energy when you reach the bottom, is fun.

After all, according to the Midwest Ski Areas Association, humans were never meant to hibernate. Discover an exhilarating winter sport and spend time with family and friends. Once you learn, you’ll be hooked!

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