Wisconsin Dells Water Parks: Best in the World

As America’s Dairyland, Wisconsin’ s iconic question is “Got milk?” But in the heart of Dairyland, the question in Wisconsin Dells is “Got water?” And the answer is a resounding “Yes!”

The Waterpark Capital of the World®

Wisconsin Dells has the largest concentration of water parks in the world. It is – without question - "The Waterpark Capital of the World®." Let’s do the math. The Dells boasts more than twenty indoor and outdoor water parks. They hold a combined total of 16 million gallons of water.

Noah's Ark is the world’s largest water park, spanning 70 acres with five million gallons of water and three miles of waterslides. It’s considered the gold standard among outdoor water parks. The Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Park features thirty-seven steep and slippery water rides. In addition, visitors can expereince six hair-raising roller coasters, eight curve-hugging go-kart tracks and multiple fun-filled attractions. At 125,000 square feet, the African-themed Kalahari Water Park Resort is the largest indoor water park in the United States. Its immensely popular surf machine uses 50,000 gallons of constantly-recycled water per minute. And the Wilderness Hotel & Golf Resort offers the world’s largest indoor/outdoor combination water park – larger than six NFL football fields loaded with water fun.

Attractions for Every Age

Among the hundreds of water rides in the Dells, here are 10 you must try… depending on your age, height and level of courage:

  • Quadzilla - A $1 million family mat racer slide at Noah's Ark that stands 47-feet-tall with four lanes each 323-feet long. Get this – the lanes are actually braided and twisted together as the rider launches head first into the slide and eventually races head-to-head with the other lanes.
  • Black Anaconda – America’s longest water roller coaster, at Noah’s Ark.
  • The Point of No Return – An extreme body slide that is 10 stories up, 5 seconds down, at Noah’s Ark.
  • Scorpion’s Tail – Ten stories high, 400-feet long; America’s first nearly vertical waterslide loop, at Noah’s Ark.
Scorpion Tale
  • Flowrider – An indoor surf machine, at Kalahari Resort.
  • The Flyan Myan – The world’s fastest indoor water roller coaster, at Chula Vista Resort.
  • The Howlin’ Tornado – A four-person tube funnel ride that drops you six stories before splashdown, at Great Wolf Lodge.
  • Halley's Comet Racers – Four water slides where you race headfirst through twists, turns and drops toward the finish line, at Glacier Canyon Lodge at the Wilderness.
  • The Hurricane – America’s tallest waterslide at 58 feet where you plummet through a dark tunnel before landing in a pool below, at Wilderness Resort.
  • Demon's Drop – An 85-foot sheer drop at Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Park that's virtually straight down, letting you "free fall" until the water catches up with you.

So, if extreme plunge slides, tube rides, racing speed slides, bowl drops, water roller coasters, indoor surf machines, massive wave pools, and lazy rivers are the things that get your family going, Wisconsin Dells is ready to be your water park Nirvana.

Remember too that the fun just starts at the water parks. Wisconsin Dells has loads of family attractions and amusements – exciting duck rides and boat tours along the river, thrilling roller coasters, challenging go-kart tracks, bungee jumping, zip lines, fabulous mini-golf, bumper cars and boats, and oh-so-much more. You’ll also find a full range of dining options and plenty of places to stay; the Dells has 8,000 hotel rooms - more than any other city in Wisconsin – plus 18 campgrounds with nearly 3,200 campsites.

For more information about Wisconsin Dells, visit wisdells.com or call 800/223-3557. They’ll be glad to help plan your stay - vacations are their business.

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