Ludlow Mansion Bed & Breakfast

Standing proud and stately through six major wars, and as many panics and depressions, the Ludlow Mansion on Monroe's Northwest side is a renewed destination for history-lovers and those seeking quality bed and breakfast accommodations. The Ludlow Mansion is named for Arabut Ludlow, a Wisconsin pioneer and founder of the first bank and general merchandise store in Monroe. He acquired a 3000 acre farm by means of a land grant (at $.50/acre) and built the Ludlow Mansion in 1857. Following Mr. Ludlow's death in 1896, the mansion was boarded up by the family. It remained closed until 1937 when Ludlow's granddaughter, May Ludlow-Luchsinger and her husband Frank purchased the property and the remaining farm property. The Luchsingers rehabilitated the Mansion inside and out and restored the interior to its former grandeur. The Ludlow Mansion is one of the most imposing dwellings of pre-Civil War vintage, yet standing in Southern Wisconsin. Reshape your state of mind in our historic home. Relax and breath in the historic charm and slower lifestyle of the past, while you are pampered with the modern amenities of home.

Hours of Operation

Open year round.


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