Penokee Iron Range/Gile Flowage

  • Bald Eagle

    Bald Eagle
  • Loon


Iron county was named for the -red gold - iron ore that was mined in the rugged Penokee Iron Range from the 1880s until the 1960s. The most famous mine in the range was the Montreal Iron Mine - the deepest iron ore mine in the world. Montreal is a true - company town - where many of the houses mirror each other in design. Urban birds are found in these small towns. The Gile Flowage is a 3,384-acre flowage. Waterfowl, Loons and Bald Eagles can be found in the flowage where they nest, feed and rest during migration.


From Hurley travel west about 3 miles on Hwy. 77 through Gile to Montreal where you turn left on Kokogan and then right onto Giles Falls Street. Proceed on street to the overlook of the falls. A bridge crosses the top of the falls and can be accessed by foot.