Trenton Bluff Prairie State Natural Area

This 110-acre site consists of two units of dry prairie situated on steep 300-foot Mississippi River sandstone bluffs capped by massive limestone cliffs. These are some of the best prairies remaining in the region. The western unit has two prairie openings with a wooded draw running between them. The eastern unit is steeper with an open cliff and oak woods. Bobolinks, Grasshopper and Clay-colored Sparrows are found here along with hognose snakes, olive hairstreak and Reakert-Æs blue butterflies. Bald Eagles and Turkey Vultures glide by on early morning and late afternoon thermal winds and give one a great opportunity to see these birds at bluff-top levels and admire their aerial skills.


From the intersection of Hwy. 35 and Cty. VV north of Hager City, go west 1.5 miles on Hwy. 35 to a small pull-off in a wooded draw north of the road. For the eastern unit, travel north .4 miles on Cty. VV and park along the road. Walk due west through th