Otto Pilot Kicks off Summer with Travel Wisconsin

Needless to say, my ego got a bit inflated when I was asked by the Wisconsin Department of Tourism to write this blog and reunite with the likes of Roger Murdock and Ted Striker, and see Wisconsin from 40,000 feet. (Actually with Roger and Ted and their dubious piloting skills, we're usually seeing the world from about 200 feet.) And as we learned from the fun new TV commercial (starring yours truly), Wisconsin is just as beautiful from above, as it is below! Just see for yourself:

Fantastic views, eh?

Even though I’ve flown around the world, Wisconsin is my favorite place to visit. I’ll never forget taking a “guys getaway” in Wisconsin Dells, the "Waterpark Capital of the World." I laugh when we run the old home movies of me getting wedged into a slide at Noah’s Ark, and the great lifeguards and emergency personnel who helped pry me out.To end the trip, I ate way more than my fair share of flapjacks at Paul Bunyan’s Cook Shanty. Don't judge, it was an all-you-can-eat buffet, and I hate flying on an empty stomach (which happens quite frequently) and on my airline I'm told to never eat the fish. 

My second trip was to Eagle River in the Northwoods for some fishing. The 28 lakes of the Eagle River Chain form the largest freshwater chain of lakes in the world! It’s a hot spot for muskie fishing, so I decided to test my skills. Let’s just say that trip ended when I cast my line out, hooked myself and became deflated. Again, thanks to the great emergency personnel and a well-made Brandy Old-Fashioned (from none other than my favorite supper club, Marty’s Place North), I quickly recuperated.

Well, I suppose I should pay attention to the air, since I’m full of it as I write this from the cockpit. I’ll be back to Wisconsin later this summer and look forward to sharing with you some more of my incredible Wisconsin memories in future blogs. Until then, wheel's up!

Otto Pilot was birthed by three guys (that’s some trick) who were born and raised in Wisconsin – David and Jerry Zucker and Jim Abrahams. He was raised as their own son, and soon began flying lessons, before finally earning his stripes as a commercial autopilot. In 1980 he lent his talents to the hit movie Airplane!, conveniently directed by all three of his dads.

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