Ancient Water Ski Discovery

Day 3: Dig Site Discovery, Wisconsin waterski

Exciting news around the dig this week—another significant discovery! We’ve excavated what appears to be a prehistoric water ski. From what I can tell, the specimen dates back to circa 21,000 B.C., and is in remarkable condition. Chiseled out of solid granite, the rough ski is a primitive, yet earnest, attempt at fun by early Wisconsinites.

Upon closer inspection, it is clear the craftsmanship was quite advanced for the time. In fact, we hypothesize that this specimen was undoubtedly built for speed. Imagine a skier holding a vine attached to a log that was paddled by several strong men.

They may never have attained the speeds necessary to pull a full-grown woman or man, much less one standing on a slab of rock. But the point is, they tried. So whether you like waterskiing, boating, or fishing in Wisconsin, get out there and discover your own type of fun.


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