Fishing Pole Discovery

Day 44: Artifacts Uncovered near Fishing Hot Spot

Much has happened since my last entry. Once again, I’ve relocated excavation sites, this time to Three Lakes, Wisconsin. Barely a week and our dig already demonstrates potential! Early this morning my assistant uncovered a most unusual specimen, a lengthy contraption with holes carved into one end. Our best guess: A Stone-Age angling rod, an early attempt at Wisconsin fishing. In our mind’s eye, we clearly envision Wisconsinites employing this artifact with the great optimism that always precedes fishing expeditions.

Our discovery is perfectly placed. This quaint old world city is known for having some of the best fishing in the Northwoods. In fact, Three Lakes Wisconsin is surrounded by more than 230 lakes within a 12-miles radius, making it home to the largest chain of freshwater lakes in the world, no doubt imparting much optimism to modern-day anglers. I hope their optimism will prove to be justified.

With anticipation,

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