Mad for Mad City

Author: Miles Feldspar

Day 103: Home to the Badgers- and much fun!

This weekend I gathered my team and ventured to the legendary city of Madison, Wisconsin. I was tremendously excited about the prospects of seeing Wisconsin’s Capitol City, a bastion higher education. Craving an intellectual discussion, I approached a young chap and began to lay out the Feldspar theory about Wisconsin being the origin of fun. He assured me that for most people, my theory is widely accepted as fact.

Rightly so. We began our day with a visit to the rather spectacular Wisconsin State Capitol Building at the top of State Street. This majestic building was built in 1917. During the summer, an observation deck is open to the public and offers jaw-droppingly beautiful views of the city, campus and beyond. Later in the day, we headed to the University of Wisconsin Geology Museum. What a delight! Dinosaur fossils, rocks and minerals galore! Lucky for me, with a team of 25, group tours were available. It was certainly a productive day of Wisconsin history, prehistory and, of course, fun.


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