Natural Wonders in Wisconsin

Day 54: Exploring Wisconsin Caves

Sometimes I impress even myself. With almost no effort to speak of, I’ve uncovered further proof that Wisconsin is the Origin of Fun. Today I took a guided tour of Cave of the Mounds, located in Blue Mounds Wisconsin. This national natural landmark has been deemed “the significant cave of the upper Midwest,” and I should say so! I saw a most amazing array of crystal formations alongside the lighted cave pathway: stalactites, stalagmites -- all present. To think, the main cavern began forming over a million years ago as acidic water dissolved the limestone bedrock. And seldom have a million years been better spent! I heartily encourage you to discover this treasure for yourself. Cave of the Mounds is open year-round for tours.

Wisconsin is home to many natural attractions. From wonderful state parks to blossoming botanical gardens, this state is rich in beauty and awe. No wonder Wisconsinites are such outdoorsy types!

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