Nature Preserve Looks Promising

Day 29: Dig Site Relocation

While Lake Delton has proved fruitful, I daresay the time has come to move sites. After 25 meticulous days of excavation we reached a stratum not likely to reveal any more long-hidden secrets of consequence. And so with good spirits, I’ve decided to relocate to Stevens Point.

Nestled in the Wisconsin River Valley, Stevens Point is a city rich in industry, academia, history and natural beauty. Of particular promise is the Schmeeckle Reserve, a 275-acre nature preserve featuring wetlands, forests, prairies and a lake, perfect for fishing, canoeing or the ever-popular just plain relaxing. It is my sincere hope that this unsullied landscape will harbor clues to the cultural habits of early Wisconsinites.

To better survey our new “digs,” as it were, our team embarked on a field trip of sorts. That is to say, we pedaled our bicycles around the Green Circle State Trail that surrounds the city. Let me say, bicycling is the perfect way to see it all! So with refreshed spirits and the promise of Wisconsin wonders, excavations commence at daybreak.

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