Tea Time

Day 22: Tea Break much like Wisconsin Cheese

We’ve begun to hit deep strata at the excavation site and that means a slower dig. So, while my team works away at the terrain, I often retreat for my daily cup of tea.

You see, tea to me is like cheese to Wisconsin…or so I understand. Not only is the thing itself delicious to consume, so is the experience! Word around camp is that in matters of cheese, all roads lead to Wisconsin. The good people of the state have even provided an itinerary for visitors to leisurely enjoy each delicatessen, called the Wisconsin Cheese Tour.

For those of you who don’t enjoy cheese: You had better have a written excuse from a physician. HAH! Just joking, you know. Wisconsin has plenty of alternative food and drink options. I’ve seen many fine examples at local custard stands and at Wisconsin's dinner theaters . And, for those of you who prefer to prepare your own delicacies, Wisconsin even offers an array of excellent cooking classes.

Food and fun — they’re fun one in the same in Wisconsin!

Bon Appetit,

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