Tee Time With Miles

Day 64: Wisconsin Golf

You have read correctly. I am swapping tea time today for some tee time. You see, I received correspondence from an old Oxford schoolmate now visiting the states. To celebrate our coincidence of location, we’re meeting up for a round of Wisconsin golf. Our destination: The Spooner Golf Course. Known for its fabulous course conditions and scenic beauty, the Spooner Golf Club offers one of the most satisfying Northwoods golf experiences for golfers of all ability levels. (Lucky for me, as it’s been some time since my last outing!)

To finish off the day, we’ll stop for a tasty fish fry at Prop's Sports Bar & Grill in nearby Sarona, Wisconsin. I am given to understand that the classic Wisconsin fish fry is truly a delicious treat not to be missed. But then again, most of the food and drink I’ve encountered around Wisconsin has earned that reputation!

Bon Appetit!

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