Water Ski Show

Author: Miles Feldspar

Day 99: Jumps and Pyramids Delight

You may recall my recent prehistoric water ski discovery - a primitive yet impressive attempt at some Wisconsin Waterskiing fun. Thus inspired, my team and I packed up and journeyed to Oconomowoc, home of the Badgerland Water Ski Show Team. I assure you, there is nothing primitive about these water skiers. Formed in 1983, the team continues to wow young and old alike with barefoot skiing, jumps, human pyramids, jazz dancing, and eye-catching costumes -- I wonder if ancient Wisconsinites thought of that? Imagine our prehistoric brethren…fumbling futilely in mammoth hide costumes at speeds of less than five miles per hour. Needless to say, we’ve come a very long a way.

The Wisconsin summer is far from over. Get out and enjoy!

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