Wisconsin Apple Orchards

Author: Miles Feldspar

Day 110:  Apples by the bushel -  pick your own!

In my ceaseless attempts to discover the Origin of Fun in Wisconsin, I’ve made a most fruitful discovery – literally! You see, I was recently informed of the cherished fall tradition of apple picking in Wisconsin.  What great fun it is to round up friends, family, or the little ones to head outdoors to pick your very own apples!

Luckily, there are bushels of opportunities to pick your own apples throughout the state. Brightonwoods Orchard located off a Rustic Road west of Racine, offers a two-story treehouse, cider press tours, and on-site winery. Indian Creek Orchard –a boutique orchard in northeast Polk County – is home to the legendary Honeycrisp, a cross between the Macoun and the Honey Gold that’s said to be the best apple ever developed in the world! Of course, last but not least the Elegant Farmer in Mukwonago features caramel apple decorating and their famous “Apple Pie Baked in a Paper Bag.” Rest assured that I shall be rounding up the team for some old fashioned collaborative fun today!

Simply scrumptious,

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