Wisconsin Car Show

Day 50: Braking For Fun

On top of the usual excavations, I’ve added a special event to my weekly Wisconsin itinerary, one which meshes perfectly with my penchant for old things: the upcoming 38th Annual Iola Old Car Show & Swap Meet! It’s the Midwest’s largest old car show, and this year’s exhibit is a tribute to one of my favorite decades, “The Sensational Sixties”. The show will feature 2,500 Show Cars from 1979 and earlier, plus over 300 Blue Ribbon Cars!

Ah, yes…it takes me back to the days of my 1959 fire-red MGA Roadster. My hair -- much longer and darker at the time -- blowing in the breeze. I often ripped down country roads, providing scenery of sorts for eligible young ladies. Yes, I like to think that sometimes I had almost as much fun as the people of Wisconsin do today, as they enjoy art, nature and music around the state.

I suggest a drive to Iola this weekend.


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