Wisconsin State Park Paradise

Day 18: Mirror Lake State Park to Unwind

We’re back at the dig site near Lake Delton today and it was bustling, as usual. While we are always searching for further manifestations of the Origin of Fun, I now find myself at a crossroads, where there seems to be a roadblock. Not to worry, any Archaeologist can come down with a case of brain lock from time to time.

Often I go for a stroll to clear my thoughts. Wisconsin has such marvelous state parks to explore that I am never wanting of an option. Today nearby Mirror Lake State Park struck my fancy and what a glorious place it was! Ideal for biking, kayaking and hiking, it offers breathtaking views and sandstone bluffs that surround the lake -- such a picturesque landscape. What a source of inspiration it must have been for the people of ancient Wisconsin in their endless search for fun.

My head is now clear. The natural beauty of Wisconsin is a wondrous thing to behold, and I look forward to surveying the state for further examples of Wisconsin outdoor fun.


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