The Kitchen Sage

Join The Kitchen Sage in a fun-filled culinary adventure at the private kitchen of Natural Food Chef Linda Harding in Maiden Rock, overlooking beautiful Lake Pepin. Participate in a hands-on learning experience as you and fellow students work with local ingredients to create a delicious meal. Learn about local farms and the importance of sustainable community as we work with fresh ingredients from the region. Enjoy one of the most stunning views of the bluffs as you dine on your culinary creations with fellow students. Classes featuring regional and international menus are offered the second Friday of each month at 6:30pm, or by appointment. Call The Kitchen Sage to arrange for a private class for your group. Perfect for team building, weekend getaways, or private celebrations. Visit The Kitchen Sage website for current class listings.

Hours of Operation

Second Friday of each month. 6:30pm.


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