Mt Valhalla Recreation Area

This ski trail is centered around the Valhalla chalet located outside of Washburn on County Hwy C. The Teuton Ski Trails are located in an oak forest and have relatively long uphills and downhills. The trails begin at the parking lot and climb with no flats until they reach the top. The Valkyrie Ski Trails are located in an open red pine stand north of Highway C. The Valhalla Chalet provides a place out of the weather and a warming fire.


From the south take USH 63 to USH 2. Turn right (east on USH 2. Follow USH 2 to USH 13. Turn left (north) on USH 13. Follow USH 13 6.7 miles to County Highway C in Washburn. Turn left (north) on C and drive 8.5 miles the trail head.

Cross-Country Skiing/Snowshoeing Trail Type

  • Groomed
  • Tracked
  • Hilly
  • Wooded
  • Ski Skating

Ski Skating

  • Yes


  • Yes

Trail Length (miles)

  • 17


  • Yes


  • Yes