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    Learn to Snowboard

    It is always a fun adventure to get out and try something new, and with snow in the Wisconsin forecast every winter, why not try snowboarding? Here are just a few of the Wisconsin downhill ski and snowboarding hills that offer snowboarding lessons. Read More
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    Skiing and Snowboarding Rock in Wisconsin

    Snowboarders and skiers from throughout the country are dreaming of cold temperatures, big snowstorms, doing tricks off terrain features and carving turns down freshly groomed slopes. And those snow lovers are in luck. Read More
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    5 Great Snowboarding Parks

    When Tyrol Basin near Mount Horeb reopened its ski hill in 1989, some of its early customers favored the then-new sport of snowboarding over traditional downhill skiing. So they asked manager Don McKay about installing a half-pipe. "What the heck is a hal Read More
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    5 Top Snow Tubing Hills for the Family

    It's winter fun that's fast (literally), easy and doesn't require any expensive equipment. It's snow tubing, and it's hotter in Wisconsin than tickets to a Miley Cyrus concert. Here are some of the best hills in the state. Read More
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    Riding the Rails, Wisconsin-Style

    This is snowboarding in Wisconsin, one of many ways to take advantage of our snowy winters. Wisconsin has plenty of resorts where you can have a snowboarding adventure—almost as many as Colorado! Read More
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    Wisconsin Downhill Dreamin'

    From the kettle moraine region of the southeast to the Lake Superior shoreline in the north, visitors to Wisconsin can choose from thirty downhill ski and snowboard areas, the third largest collection of any state in the country. Here's an overview of ten Read More