Taliesin Intermediate Architecture Camp

June 19, 2017 - June 23, 2017

Spring Green

Students will learn the basics of digital modeling using Trimble Sketch-Up (free) as applied to an individualized architectural design project on a site of their selection. The camp will explore architectural design issues like space-shaping, scale, proportion, materiality, energy & sustainability, aesthetics, and representation. Students will learn how to use the software as a design tool rather than simply a means of representing their design ideas. Students will learn how to properly construct digital models and how to generate impressive images in order to present their design ideas. At the end of the camp, students present their work to an audience of family, friends and invited guests. Grades 6-12. $325.

Event Date Detail

Jun 19, 2017 - Jun 23, 2017

Daily 9am-3pm.