Brewery Bike Tour

June 13, 2015


Join Hop Head Beer Tours & Machinery Row Bicycles on a unique experience that combines the cool scenery of Madison bike paths with professionally guided beer sampling, local culture, and VIP back-room brewery tours. This is NOT a Pub Crawl or a Party on Two Wheels. This is a custom, eco-friendly, safe way to sample and learn about Madison History & Craft-Beer, take in beautiful city scenery, and meet new people in the process. Each Bike Tour features three distinct craft breweries or a distillery and a selection of local microbrews for your enjoyment. Our Madison Bike Tours are easy paced with 90% of the route on bike trails. Tours do include light exercise and require physical fitness and some cardiovascular stamina. Some routes share the road with motor vehicle traffic and although are designed to be the safest possible, you must be comfortable being passed by auto traffic. $45 BYOBike, $68 with Bike Rental From Machinery Row.

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Jun 13, 2015


Jul 11, 2015


Jul 25, 2015


Sep 12, 2015


Oct 3, 2015


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