Tour de Marsh

June 6, 2015


Tour De Marsh is an event for outdoor enthusiasts which incorporates the beauty of the Horicon Marsh, the charm of small towns and food. Named one of the “seven wonders of Wisconsin” and a “wetland of international importance”, seeing and experiencing Horicon Marsh is great opportunity to enjoy one of nature’s treasures. Five start/rest stops for cyclists and drivers will be set up along the route. A map and "Meet your Neighbors" brochure is available in advance or on the day of the event. Participants can start at one of these designated community stands and then proceed on their tour. Each starting/rest stop will have parking, refreshments, maps, information cards and restrooms available. Featured stops along the route at Horicon Marsh International Education Center where visitors can see the Horicon Marsh Story movie and at the Federal Refuge Office & Visitor Center to view and study marsh exhibits provide a wonderful experience. Ledge Park and Marsh Haven are also listed as attractions on the map. Prime overlooks like Palmatory St., Bayview Rd., and Cooks Nature Trail will insure that visitors see beautiful views of the marsh and country side.

Event Date Detail

Jun 6, 2015


Natural Attractions Type

  • Wildlife Refuge & Reserves