This event has expired. This may be a recurring event, so please check the calendar in the future for updated occurrences.

1000 Yo-Yos & Yo-Yo Memorabilia on Exhibit


An amazing, annual exhibition of a major collection, with introduction from a yo-yo expert and see the amazing display of 1000 antique & vintage yo-yos, memorablia, posters, yo-yo history, novelties, vintage trick books, new yo-yos, vintage string packages, award patches, unusual yo-yos and more! Meet the yo-yo player who has also yo-yoed with the Smother Brothers, and taught movie stars to yo-yo. Enjoy a demonstration of 3 classic yo-yo tricks and several unusual gizzzmos! Videos of astounding yo-yo tricks. Hands-on time with five Non-yo-yo unusual spinner devices, to try for yourself: the 2 handed Big-circle spinner challenge, 2 toys that defy physics, a Japanese skill toy and others! See a demonstration of something that spins for days without stopping! Collectibles & new items for sale in gift shop with 50 different kinds of yo-yos & hundreds of other spinner toys & devices (note---Though this is not a yo-yo class, scheduled yo-yo classes are available as posted on website) Admission and exhibit details on website. Parking is free.