Old Time Cheesemaking at Imobersteg Factory

June 11, 2016


Watch as Green County cheesemakers create a wheel of Swiss cheese, the old-fashioned way - hand-stirred in a copper kettle at the historic Imobersteg Farmstead Cheese Factory. A completed wheel of Swiss cheese will be made by early afternoon. During the day, enjoy music with food and beverages, featuring signature cream puffs and "Masters" grilled cheese sandwiches. The demonstration will take place in a circa late 1800's authentic farmstead cheese factory, featuring the original equipment that was used when the Imobersteg Family made cheese using the milk from the cows of their herd. Special feature of the day - making cheese spreads - with Art Bartsch at 1 pm. Free admission to the Cheesemaking Museum today. Restored milk truck also onsite.

Event Date Detail

Jun 11, 2016

9:30 am-noon.