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The Four Stand Up Dads


Stand Up Dads, the comedy troupe featuring Dan St. Paul, Kelly McDonald, Tim Bedore, and Milt Abel, discussed how they draw material from their kids with Naperville Sun, an edition of the Chicago Sun Times. Their acts center around their lives as surburban fathers. The four dads cover a wide range of fatherhood experiences. St. Paul has one son, Bedore has one girl, McDonald has two boys and Abel has two girls and a boy. As the children grow up, the comedians have to develop their jokes which allows them to create fresh material on the recycled subject of fatherhood and suburban life. “’The challenge is that you do the humor about the kids being young and it is hard not to do that humor any longer,’ said Dan St. Paul, one of four Stand Up Dads who will perform April 8 at the Paramount Theatre [in Aurora, IL]. ‘But as the kids get older, you have to do that humor too. So now I do stuff like, ‘My 20-year-old son is attending community college. He got a full ride. He is either going to major in architecture or rock band.’”

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