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Eau Claire

Everyone loves a great road trip, whether it is across country or across the great state of Wisconsin. These road trips are often defined not by the destination but by the journey and the stops along the way. Thoughts quickly go to places like the Rippin' Good Cookie Factory, the giant Musky in Hayward or the Circus World Museum in Baraboo. Stops that are just as important, yet often overlooked, are the waysides along the journey. A wayside is a place to relax, to stretch, to picnic, and bring relief amidst a long drive. On this life’s journey, it is important to take some breaks, relax and allow tomorrows worries to be for tomorrow. Join Matt and Suzie K. and their band Honey Tree at the “wayside” for an incredible evening of great music, hilarious true stories, a spotlight on life in Wisconsin and audience participation with fabulous local prizes as we take a break from the long journey to have an unforgettable evening. Think “Prairie Home Companion” meets “What Do You Know” combined with “Let's Make a Deal” and focus on all things Wisconsin and you have WAYSIDE. For some, a wayside is something you only need once in a while like a young married couple with strong bladders. For others, breaks are necessary with greater frequency like when you are on a road trip with Grandma. Either way, we are sure that you will enjoy this memorable night! Laugh, cry, sing along, and reminisce as you find your way to a little paved path off of the main road called WAYSIDE.