Merits of Fun

Fun Has Its Merits. Download the Travel Wisconsin Mobile App to Earn Your Digital Brag Badges.

Summer in Wisconsin is packed with activities for every interest. It’s a time and place to make memories, let go of stress, and enjoy carefree, unbridled fun. In fact, it’s a lot like going to summer camp. Except this camp covers the whole state.

Summer fun at Camp Wisconsin has its merits, so in true summer camp fashion, we’re giving travelers the chance to earn digital Camp Wisconsin Brag Badges using the Travel Wisconsin mobile app. There’s a digital badge to collect for just about every activity and interest.

Here’s how to earn your own Digital (virtual) Brag Badge:

  1. Download the Travel Wisconsin mobile app.
  2. Watch for notifications on your phone as your travels take you near Brag Badge featured locations.
  3. Check in on your smart phone at featured Brag Badge locations and BAM—the digital Brag Badge is all yours.
  4. Post about the digital badges you’ve earned on social media and make your friends super jealous.
  5. Keep traveling to earn all 13 digital Brag Badges at places across the state. (And maybe even bring your jealous friends along.)

Get started by checking out where to go to earn all 13 badges at hundreds of fun places across the state.

Brag Badges