National Historic Cheesemaking Center and Imobersteg Farmstead Cheese Factory

Tells the history of cheesemaking in Wisconsin, complete with cheese factory replicas, including an "ode to Limburger," which has been produced in Green County since the mid-1800's. Graced with two huge copper cheesemaking kettles on the front lawn along with a Holstein cow named Honey Belle, this shrine to the local cheese and dairy industries is located an a beautifully restored railroad depot. Also onsite - the Imobersteg Farmstead Cheese Factory: step back in time more than 100 years to experience this historic one-kettle farmstead cheese factory that produced Brick, Swiss and Limburger using milk from the 40 cow herd of the Imobersteg Farm. The factory and original equipment sat untouched from 1917 until 2009, when it was relocated to Monroe.

Hours of Operation

April 1-October 31: 9am-4pm daily.

History/Heritage Type

  • Early Industry
  • Wisconsin History