Razorback Ridges Ski & Mountain Bike Trails

Here's a trail system with just what every mountain biker wants: a friendly country store at the trailhead dispensing solid and liquid refreshments. Mc Kay's Corner Store fills that bill and more; it's a convenient spot to pick up a trail map, meet locals and other riders. You'll appreciate a little information and encouragement when you take on the tough trails of Razorback Ridges. The name tells it all - get ready for some challenging riding in this corner of the vast Northern Highland-American Legion State Forest. For twenty years the Sayner-Star Lake Lions Club has maintained an awesome system of cross-country ski trails here. The trails take full advantage of 100 feet of elevation change. Even the easy double-track loops like Roller Coaster and Doug's Folly are aerobically demanding. There is some easier riding on the far northern boundary, but you've got to cover some tough ground to get there. When mountain biking became popular, the tough cross-country ski trails were an immediate draw. It was then that several bike-riding Lions Club members converted their interest into building a wonderful network of single-track trails that wind among the ski trails. VAMBASA (Vilas Area Mountain Bike and Ski Association) trail signs with locator numbers at intersections keep you oriented in this complex system.The trails are heavily wooded. At one point on the Long Rider double-track trail you'll ride through an old railroad cut where the surrounding birch trees practically meet overhead making a tunnel of green. The single-track trails are the pride of the system. Just over a mile in length, the White Tail Trail attacks some of the toughest terrain in the system. Even so, the scent of pines and the soft crush of their needles underneath your tires puts a little relaxation into this Northwoods' biking adventure. If you like wild woodland beauty with your dose of rough riding, the Blueberry Lake Loop can't be beat. But you'll have to stop to appreciate the view; there are too many rocks and roots to take your eyes off of the trail. The same is true when riding Ratl Snake; keep your eyes on the trail if you want your wheels on the ground. Snomos Trail is a lot less demanding as it follows a straight, but sometimes steep old road with a few nice views of Muskellunge Lake through the trees. A spur trail to the west leads to the Crystal Lake Campground where you can connect with the B.A.T.S. trail that runs all the way to Boulder Junction. Off the bike you can visit the Vilas County Historical Museum in Sayner. Their collection of prehistoric artifacts, antique furniture, tools and dolls includes the world's first snowmobile developed in Sayner in 1924 by Carl Eliason. Fifteen miles to the west near Lac du Flambeau, you can visit Wa-Swa-Goning, a fascinating recreation of a 17th Century Ojibwe village. Vilas County is known for idyllic vacations - lake recreation, cozy resorts, great fishing and dining. It's all very appealing, but for the mountain biker it's a day at Razorback Ridges that is truly a day in paradise.


Two miles west of Sayner at the intersection of Hwy N and Razorback Rd.

Free Admission

  • Yes

Trail Length (miles)

  • 12

Cross-Country Skiing/Snowshoeing Trail Type

  • Flat
  • Groomed
  • Hilly
  • Open
  • Ski Skating
  • Tracked
  • Wooded


  • Yes


  • Yes