Timm's Hill Green Trail

A ride to the top of Timms Hill is the high point of a visit to this lovely Price County Park. At 1,951 feet above sea level, it is also the highest point in Wisconsin. Once on top you can climb the observation tower for a 30-mile overview of the vast Northwoods. To the south you'll look down on placid Bass Lake and High Point Village 160 feet below. Timms Hill is a challenge for mountain bikers. The loop is tough enough with steep climbs including a 100-footer at the west end with an even steeper descent. The twisting climb up the gravel road to the top of Timms Hill will be the real test though. You'll gain 140 feet in two-tenths of a mile. All the more reason to spend some time atop the tower soaking up the scenery. Be sure to ride the loop in a counter clockwise direction to conform with the motor vehicle flow on the park road. If you haven't had enough, other trails and roads in the area offer more miles of biking fun.