Cave Point Tour

There is no place like Cave Point, especially when the wind is strong off the lake. Then you will hear Cave Point before you actually see it. It may be a cloudless day, but a sound like thunder will filter through the woods as you pedal towards the point. Reaching the park you'll understand the power of Lake Michigan as waves pound against the shore shooting spray high above the bluff's edge. Over eons, the waves have hollowed-out caves in the point increasing both the hydrodynamics and the noise level. You can feel the rock shudder beneath your feet. Cave Point County Park is one destination on this pleasant tour of the lake-edge forest and quiet farm roads of Door County. You won't find better biking anywhere. And, you start and finish the tour in the fascinating ship building city of Sturgeon Bay. You'll see every type of vessel there from tugboats, to sleek sailing yachts, to huge ocean-going ships.

Trail Length (miles)

  • 40

Snowboarding Difficulty Rating

  • Easy