Covered Bridge Bicycle Tour

You can't drive a car or even a horse and buggy over Wisconsin's only remaining original covered bridge, but you can ride your bike across it and experience the flickering light and shadow of the oak latticework. It's an ideal spot for a picnic. If there had ever been a mason's Olympics, Cedarburg's builders would have won hands down. The town and countryside are dotted with dozens of gems of 19th century architecture. German, Yankee, and Irish masons worked their magic with brick and stone. The Cedarburg Mill and Concordia Mill, crafted of dressed limestone blocks, are worth gold medals by themselves. In other buildings, field stone was used. These rounded igneous and crystalline rocks were left by the glacier. Laid up into walls they created a lovely dappled effect. For an easy roll, or a short cut back into Cedarburg, try the Inter-Urban Trail. Laid out on an old trolley line, the route features a beautiful iron bridge across Cedar Creek.


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