Great River Road-South Bicycle Tour

The Mississippi is unique in its abundance of picturesque, idyllic side valleys. Riding along the Great River Road, you'll discover the tranquil beauty of these little worlds. Straying from the flat terrain along the Mississippi is never easy, but no bluff is too tough when the payoff is gorgeous views of the river and its wetlands. Check out Fountain City too. Several miles long and just a few blocks wide, the town has some real treasures. A home from Frank Lloyd Wright's early period looks out over the river. Nearby, a house of a different sort is "The Rock in the House." As its name implies, a massive stone slab cleaved off a bluff behind the house and cartwheeled in the back door. That's it. Stop at the Monarch Tavern too; at the same location for more than 100 years, it has a wonderful carved wooden mural of the Mississippi and torn.


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