Stagecoach Tour

Stagecoach conjures images of simpler times and days gone by. Ride through the rolling farmland of Eau Claire County and you'll feel transported to just such a Currier & Ives era. For twenty-five years the land between Augusta and Fairchild has attracted Amish farmers and craftsmen. Their religious beliefs guide a lifestyle that excludes modern machinery and conveniences. For the visitor, that means a glimpse into the past. Trotting horses pull black buggies swiftly from farm to farm. Barefoot children, plainly dressed boys in straw hats and girls in bonnets laugh as they frolic with their simple toys and games. Burly workhorses plow and harvest. In the fall, cone-shaped corn shocks dot the fields. There are several one-room Amish schoolhouses along the route as well as a woodworking shop. Photographers are welcome to take shots of buggies, animals, buildings and crafts, but pictures of the Amish themselves are considered rude and invasive.The Stagecoach Bicycle Route results from a collaboration of county development groups. They have marked the roads with green and white signs, and produced a very nice route guide and map available from the Chippewa Valley Convention & Visitors Bureau. For the most part, they've chosen easy rolling roads. On this route, Erdman Road is a bit easier than Livermore Road if hills aren't your thing. Augusta and Fairchild are as charming as the countryside. On Augusta's Civil War-era Main Street you'll find shops that feature Amish handiwork - quilts, toys and furniture. A real '50s drive-in is another Augusta landmark. In Fairchild, visit the Co-op Shopping Center on Front Street. Inside you'll find a creaky wooden floor and ancient ceiling fans. Outside, on the south wall, is a wonderful mural with an Alpine scene - a great photo op. For another days-gone-by experience, visit the Dells Mill Historical Landmark and Museum. Located three miles north of Augusta at Highway 27 and Cty. V, it's one of the most picturesque mills in the state. Despite the feel of another time, the Stagecoach Bicycle Route is only a few miles east of the modern city of Eau Claire. There you'll find all the bike services you might need, as well as enough attractions to make your visit complete. Carson Park is a real gem. Connected to city bike trails, the park is home to the Chippewa Valley Railroad, a park train that offers rides to kids Sunday afternoons from noon-5pm, Memorial Day through Labor Day. Carson Park is also the site of the Chippewa Valley Museum tracing 300 years of Ojibwe history, as well as the lumber boom of the 19th Century. Nearby, on the UW-Eau Claire campus, you can visit the James Newman Clark Bird Museum, the university greenhouse or the L.E. Phillips Planetarium all free or for a very nominal admission. There it is a ride from the past to the present on the Stagecoach Tour.

Trail Length (miles)

  • 29

Snowboarding Difficulty Rating

  • Easy
  • Medium