Wisconsin Concrete Park / Solberg Lake Tour

South of Phillips stands the Wisconsin Concrete Park, a testament to what one man can do with hard work and imagination. In 1950, at age 65, arthritis forced Fred Smith to give up a forty-year logging career. But that didn't stop him from working. Over the next fourteen years he created more than 200 sculptures of concrete emblazoned with bits of broken colored glass and stone. It is American folk art in fantastic form: rearing horses, baleful moose, errant cowboys, wagon drivers, lumberjacks, and dozens more. A roll around Solberg Lake just north of Phillips will make you fall in love with the forested landscape of Price County. Solberg Lake County Park is a lovely spot set on a peninsula; a delightful mix of woods and sun and wildlife.


On Hwy. 13 a 1/2 mile south of Phillips