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    Earn Camp Wisconsin Brag Badges in Wisconsin Dells

    Fun has its merits, and this summer bragging about the fun you’ve had in Wisconsin is as fun as the vacation! We even have an app for that. Use the Travel Wisconsin app to check-in at hundreds of places around the state and earn all 13 Camp Wisconsin “Brag Badges.” If you’re headed to Wisconsin Dells, you’re in luck—there are badges to be collected all around you! Here's an itinerary to help get you started. Read More
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    Wisconsin Dells Water Parks: Best in the World

    As America’s Dairyland, Wisconsin’s iconic question is “Got milk?” But in the heart of Dairyland, the question in Wisconsin Dells is “Got water?” And the answer is a resounding “Yes!” Read More
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    Travel Green: An Eco-Vacation to Wisconsin Dells

    Take an eco-tourism getaway to Wisconsin Dells instead of jetting to a tropical eco-resort. Cutting your travel emissions by not flying or driving far is a good start but it turns out there’s a lot more to going green in the Dells. Read More
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    Wisconsin Indoor Water Parks

    Indoor waterparks are one of the nation’s hottest trends in family vacations, and Wisconsin boasts some of largest and most elaborate in North America. For tens of thousands of families across the Midwest, they're proving just the right antidote to cabin Read More