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    Wisconsin's Best Cheese Curds

    Deep-fried cheese curds, difficult to find outside of Wisconsin, have been satisfying the craving of Wisconsinites and led out-of-staters on a hunt to try this celebrated food for years and years. While most locals have their opinion about where to find the best, you really can’t go wrong no matter where you get them. Here is a list of our favorite cheese-curd serving restaurants. Read More
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    Dining in Madison Pleases any Palate

    Nestled on a stunning strip of land between two lakes, Wisconsin’s capital city of Madison is known not only for its spectacular scenery, but also for its many thriving locally-owned restaurants. Read More
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    March Madness in Madison

    If you’re heading to Madison for the State high school tournaments, you should at least have a list of local options in your pocket. Read More
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    5 Great Farm-Fresh Restaurants

    Choose restaurants that emphasize the flavors of farm-fresh, seasonal cuisine to get a true taste of Wisconsin. Here are a few of the many options in the state. Read More