Kaytee Learning Center

  • A feathered friend on a shoulder!

    A feathered friend on a shoulder!

Explore the wonderous world of birds and small animals at the Kaytee Learning Center in Chilton. The center offers an array of interactive activities, exhibits, games, and of course bird watching for all ages to enjoy! Come and enjoy the 5,000-square-foot center with a focus on family fun with exhibits and interactive opportunities such as: Displays of more than 50 live birds and small animals, from parrots, parakeets and cockatiels to rabbits and chinchillas. Access to the Rainforest Room, a free-flight aviary that allows visitors to observe tropical birds up close. Costumes and mask-making stations for youngsters who want to get into the spirit of things by dressing up as a bird, rabbit or mouse. Interactive displays that show the foods and habitats preferred by various wild and pet birds. An educational display on the Kaytee Foundation and the 18,000-acre reserve in Brazil that is helping to preserve the Hyacinth Macaw. An interactive display that lets visitors compare their “wingspans” to those of eagles, macaws and other birds. Free admission.

Hours of Operation

Open from 10am-4pm the first Friday and Saturday of each month (closed July).


In Chilton, take Hwy 151 east and take a left onto S. Irish Road and a left onto Clay Street.

Free Admission

  • Yes