Legacy Chocolates

Liberate your Taste Buds! Legacy Chocolates is committed to the production of fresh, handmade, nutritious, high quality chocolate at affordable prices. Our intent is to have everyone know about, and fall in love with the earth’s most perfect food - REAL chocolate. At Legacy Chocolate, we understand the need for a return to nutritious food in people’s diets. Since our first store opened in Menomonie on Earth Day in 2002, we have aimed to provide a sinfully satisfying departure from the low-carb, non-fat, eat-on-the-run diet many people follow today, hoping to provide everyone with something more wholesome and nutritious. We hope to change people's eating habits from fast chocolate, which is made with corn syrup and preservatives, to REAL chocolate, which is made with local butter and cream, and the highest quality chocolate available from South America. We never use preservatives or corn syrup in any of our products. Legacy Chocolate products are carefully hand-crafted from the finest ingredients.We use chocolate made from the Criollo cocoa beam from Venezuela, cultivated for over three thousand years. Experts have agreed that Venezuelan cocoa is the most flavorful and aromatic in the world. When you buy Legacy Chocolates truffles, you are helping small-scale sustainable farmers from Latin America, so they can continue to plant and preserve this heirloom variety. The higher the percentage/intensity of cocoa the more the human body benefits from the vitamins, antioxidants and flavanols. Because we never use preservatives in any of our products, please store them in the refrigerator - however they are best eaten at room temperature. Legacy Chocolates also prides itself in "One Cup At A Time" coffee!! DELICIOUS!!!

Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday: 6:30am-6pm, Saturday: 7:30am-6pm, Sunday: 9am-4pm.


I-94 to Exit 41, South on Hwy 25, cross the bridge into Downtown Menomonie, Legacy Chocolates is on the Eastside of South Broadway on corner of Broadway & Main Streets.

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