Ski & Sports Chalet

Helping you find the proper equipment for your sporting needs since 1972. Specializing in bicycles, bicycle rentals, alpine skiing, cross country skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing. Located in Downtown Kenosha, Ski & Sports Chalet is a pro ski, snowboard, cross country ski shop in winter (starting around October 1) and a pro bike shop in the summer (starting in April). Bike rentals are available in the summer – by the day, week, or even month. A bike lock and basket can be provided upon request. In the winter, skis and snowboards are rented by the season. A rent-to-buy program is available. The equipment can be picked up in October, and then returned or purchased in April. In addition to its sales and rentals, Ski & Sports Chalet offers such services as bike tune-up and repairs on all models of bikes. Many accessories, including bike and ski racks are available. Also, the shop will sell bikes, skis, and snowboards on consignment for customers.