St. Croix Rod & Bait

You'll find a whole line-up of St. Croix rods to check out. A whole line-up of St. Croix reels to match. Not to mention, St. Croix clothing, gear, hats and accessories. Our store stocks many of the most popular lures, terminal tackle, line and accessories that any good tackle shop carries. In fact, we have a huge selection of musky lures - proven on our own homewaters by our own musky wackos. The store is situated right next to our factory — where we have an observation window. That's right - you can watch genuine St. Croix factory people making rods right under your nose. It's really something - in case you were ever curious what handcrafted in the USA meant.


Hwy 13, just north of downtown Park Falls


  • Disabled Access

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  • Factory Outlet
  • Specialty Shop