Borderland Snowmobile Tour

You'll find a wilderness snowmobile adventure along the borderland trails of Florence and northern Marinette Counties. Up here, the forest is primeval, wildlife is common, and the Northern Lights are an astounding show of pulsating curtains of color. Top it off with visits to some of the area's frozen waterfalls, and you have an extraordinary snowmobile adventure. Marinette County is the state's waterfall champ and Florence County isn't far behind. Some falls are just a short stomp through the snow. Others will require snowshoes better strap a pair to your sled if you want to visit some of the less-accessible falls. There are four towns with services en route, with another four nearby. None will detract from your sense of wilderness exploration. After all, there are 227,000 acres of county forest. Riding north from Wausaukee on Corridor Trail #3, you'll skirt the edge of the Amberg State Hunting Grounds, a vast marsh created by the Pike River. Designated a Wild River by the Federal Government, the Pike is protected in its natural state. It is also a river of waterfalls. Dave's Falls and Bull Falls, are off-route near the crossroads village of Amberg, once known for its granite quarry. Heading northeast, you'll cross marshland and low hills on the way to a crossing of Miscauno Creek at its confluence with the Menomonee River. As you swing to the northwest, the trail passes near Long Slide Falls, which drops more than 50 feet through unique rock formations along the North Branch of Pemebonwon Creek. Off-route, just a couple of miles to the north, Smalley Falls drops through a narrow gorge on a tributary stream. A few miles after crossing Highways 8/141, you'll leave Corridor Trail #3 for Trail F6 leading to the village of Niagara. Just a short distance to the west, you'll cross into Florence County to the equally tiny village of Aurora. Leaving Trail F6 for a jog north on Corridor Trail #7, you'll pick up Trail F1 and sled east into the Spread Eagle Barrens, a unique expanse of towering open hills. Trees are sparse and the panorama of the surrounding hills and forest is spectacular. Ultimately you'll end up at Corridor Trail #2 where a sharp turn to the west will put you on an abandoned railroad grade running into the town of Florence. Just west of town at the junction of Highways 2 and 70/110 you can visit the Florence Natural Resources Center where County Forest and Parks, US Forest Service, and Wisconsin DNR offices are located. An interpretive center chronicles local history and shows the recreational opportunities in the forest. A mounted albino white-tailed deer posed in mid-leap is the striking centerpiece of the Center's many exhibits. Heading south via Corridor Trail #7, you'll junction with Trail F5 and ride west into the Whisker Lake Wilderness Area. A half-mile snowshoe hike north of the trail takes you to LaSalle Falls, Florence County's premier cataract. The terrain becomes hilly again as you approach the Popple River and more easily-accessible Washburn Falls. A turn to the south takes you past West Bass and Bass Lakes on your way to rejoin Corridor Trail #7. Then, it's on to the village of Dunbar. Riding south from Dunbar, another collection of waterfalls awaits you on the wild Pike River. Twelve-Foot Falls is the most accessible. Nearby, off-route, are its sisters, Eighteen-Foot and Eight-Foot Falls. A few miles further south is Horseshoe Falls. Leaving Corridor Trail #7 for a club trail connecting to Corridor Trail # 18 you're on the last leg back to Wausaukee. A day of wilderness adventure heightens your appreciation of trailhead comforts.