Two-of-a-Kind Snowmobile Tour

This tour is a tale of two cities - Antigo and Merrill, and two counties - Lincoln and Langlade. In addition, the tour is also a tale of two remarkable clusters of hills - Harrison Hills in northeastern Lincoln County and Crocker Hills in eastern Langlade County. Both are wonderfully wild and scenic areas. To top it all off, Lincoln County has 285 miles of state-funded trails and Langlade adds another 517. You'll also enjoy the tour's crossroads communities and resort areas. They all love snowmobilers. Tourism is the lifeblood of the area, summer and winter. The counties are dotted with clusters of lakes where resorts and pit stops offer hospitality. For snowmobilers, Antigo is a full-service town and a great place to jump-off. If you're there on the second weekend of February, you're in for an extra treat - snowmobile racing thrills. The half-mile oval at the Langlade County Fairgrounds is the site of the annual North American Snowmobile Championships. The races offer plenty of thunder 'n ice for everyone.