SLazyD Ranch

I purchased the land that would become the S Lazy D Ranch LLC in 1992. It has been in my family since 1873. After clearing land for a home, I began taking up old fences and clearing trees for new fences. In 1994, I met my wife Ann and with her full support we bnegan in earnest researching and talking to other Bison producers. After about 5 years of preparing and building a corral/handling facilities and fences, we purchased our first animals in the fall of 2003. With the help of some dear friends, they boarded them for us until we were able to finish our fences in the spring of 2004. The first animals to arrive here consisted of 6 heifers and a bull, the first calves were born here in June of 2005. Currently the herd ranges between 11 and 19 head, this number is just below the carrying capacity of the land. These animals are gras-fed, they get corn and apples only as a treat, totaling less than 1 percent of their yearly intake. I raise and harvest all of my own hay, putting up about 50 on of hay per year, and I take farm subsidies on this farm. Annual calf viewing day held in June. For more information on Bison or the ranch please contact Owner Daniel Schroeder.

Hours of Operation

Tours are available to individuals and groups. Reservations are required. Fee for group tours.