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  • 4 Places for Fall Fun Around Milwaukee

    Last Updated: 10/21/2016

    These autumn classics are just a short drive away from downtown Milwaukee, so you can enjoy rustic fall fun and the excitement of the city in the same trip!

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  • Local Secrets: Where to Go in East Central Wisconsin

    Last Updated: 5/15/2017

    Venture beyond the expected to find these brag-worthy secrets of east central Wisconsin, from a “dead & breakfast” to the first house lit by Thomas Edison’s work!

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  • Explore These Unique Wisconsin Nature Centers

    Last Updated: 6/22/2016

    Nature centers are a great way to get in touch with Wisconsin’s pristine, untouched natural landscape. Travel back to a time before building and developments changed the look of the state and explore the native species of plants and animals at these Wisconsin nature centers.

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  • Fun Science Activities for Kids

    Last Updated: 6/7/2016

    Whoever said learning couldn’t be fun just wasn’t looking in the right places. Check out these educational but fun opportunities that will enhance learning and keep the kids asking for more.

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  • Things to do in Green Bay - Beyond Tailgating

    Last Updated: 11/30/2016

    Green Bay is, of course, best known as the home of the Green Bay Packers, but the offerings of the city go far beyond tailgating and catching a game at Lambeau Field. If you are lucky enough to land tickets, consider extending your stay and experiencing these activities happening in and around Green Bay.

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  • Video: Curiosity Unleashed

    Last Updated: 9/21/2016

    Look, listen, feel, touch, taste and discover the wonders of all aspects of the sciences, arts and more! Unleash your curiosity and discover your inner scientist at the Wisconsin Science Festival.

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  • Four Hikes on Wisconsin's Geographical Gems

    Last Updated: 5/19/2016

    Wisconsin is made up of diversely different landscapes, each shaped by its region's geographical history. For an opportunity to experience the different geographical perspectives, check out these four hiking trails.

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  • It’s a Wild Life: 6 Wisconsin Nature Preserves to Visit

    Last Updated: 7/6/2016

    Visit these 6 Travel Green Wisconsin-certified nature centers and reserves where the wildlife roam free and protected.

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  • Fall Flocks Peak at Necedah

    Last Updated: 9/11/2015

    The 44,000-acre Necedah Wildlife Refuge is a special place, encompassing the largest wetland bog in the state as well as extensive forest habitat and rare oak savannas.

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  • Beyond Lambeau Field: Discover Green Bay’s Local Treasures

    Last Updated: 11/30/2016

    You may be so football-clueless that you think the word “Lombardi” describes a style of pasta. Even so, the Green Bay area offers plenty of great things to do.

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