Local Restaurants: Big Portions, Small Prices

Go big and then go home (with leftovers) at these Wisconsin restaurants! Each of these dining experiences will satisfy your hunger, yet leave you wanting more. With portions so large that NFL players leave with leftovers, these restaurants offer split-worthy portions that will satisfy the whole family. But it’s not the big portions and low cost that make these places famous – it’s the mouthwatering, unbeatable food.

Jamerica - Madison

With authentic cuisine that set your taste buds sailing to the tropics, Jamerica is the perfect place for the islander in anyone. They fill their plates to the brim with an astoundingly mouthwatering array of authentic Jamaican cuisine, including mango salmon rundown or fiery heaps of jerk pork. The food is as impressive as the portions are large (and that says a lot about the portions)! You’ll undoubtedly have leftovers and will be so happy that you do. 

Paul Bunyan's Cook Shanty - Wisconsin Dells

With two locations and portions bigger than Paul Bunyan’s axe, this Cook Shanty is the perfect dinner spot for the whole family. For dinner, two entrees-of-the-day are served family style with refillable sides, just as with the old time logging camps! Eat your fill of these impeccable sides while you can!

Mineshaft - Hartford

If you’re familiar with Hartford, Wisconsin, you’ve undoubtedly spent countless time indulging at the tables of Mineshaft. Seating over 500 people and serving over 10,000 guests weekly, the general consensus is whole hearted approval of Mineshaft’s stunning portions and amazing deals. With daily specials ranging from all you can eat spaghetti, all you can eat shrimp, and all you can eat beer battered fish, the owners of Mineshaft strive to keep prices low and portions large.

The Dockside - Oconto

With incredibly large portions and astounding quality for shockingly low prices, Dockside Food & Spirits of Oconto offers an on the water experience that satisfies the cravings of every customer. Along with their spectacular menu, they offer dockside specialties such as low country shrimp and traditional fresh whitefish boils. With quality food, impeccable service, and a relaxing and fun atmosphere, Dockside is the right place, price, and portion size for any gathering.

Harborside Restaurant - Manitowoc

The Harborside Restaurant in Manitowoc serves cheeseburgers that are as big as the dinner plates they rest on. Locals frequent the Harborside and are often tantalized by the challenge of finishing the Quad Burger, a massive serving of four cheeseburgers (yes, four) atop a fresh bun. Try it if you dare.

Sprecher's Restaurant & Pub of Madison

Sprecher's Restaurant & Pub of Wisconsin Dells

Sprecher’s Restaurant and Pub possesses an array of burgers that epitomize the glory of Wisconsin cuisine. Topped with yellow and white cheese curds, the Curd Burger will satisfy your cheese tooth. With several other mouthwatering choices, including the Sconnie Burger (which is topped with sauerkraut, bacon, and spicy beer mustard), you’ll be hard pressed to choose just one of these massive meals. Sample their home brews as you decide which mammoth burger to order!

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