Eating Fresh and Local in Wisconsin

If you are looking for a place to eat during your Wisconsin getaway, you will not have any trouble finding a great restaurant to satisfy the taste buds of every member of your family. Over the past several years, more and more emphasis has been placed on eating and living “healthier” and “greener.” These fine Wisconsin restaurants use local ingredients and are conscious about supporting local producers and cut back on their carbon footprint.

Café Manna - Brookfield

“Green” is a great way to describe this Brookfield café. Not only does their building support green practices by using eco-friendly building materials including bamboo counters, recycled metal light fixtures, and doesn’t use plastic or Styrofoam carry-out containers, but they are also a 100% vegetarian restaurant. Their ingredients are grown organically or using sustainable farming practices and are grown locally when in season. Cafe Manna’s made from scratch and fresh food is truly delicious.

Blue Bike Burrito - Marinette

Blue Bike Burrito offers authentic Mexican cuisine in northeastern Wisconsin. Although their menu is from south of the border, their ingredients are not. Whenever possible, Blue Bike Burrito uses high-quality local and organic ingredients. Their shells, cheese and tortilla chips are all Wisconsin made, and their beans, rice, guacamole and teas are all organic. Customers will know their food is fresh, as it is all assembled right in front of them.  They have also adopted greener business practices. All of their carry-out containers are compostable and made from natural, renewable materials, so while your memory of their great-tasting food will last forever, the containers won’t.

Harvest Restaurant - Madison

This Madison restaurant located on the Capitol Square has been touted by multiple magazines and publications as one of the top organic restaurants in the country.  The restaurant commits to featuring local flavors and seasonal ingredients rather than focusing on one particular type of cuisine. Their menu rotates and changes depending on what is in season, and they are committed to supporting local producers who provide their high-quality ingredients.

Back When Café - Wausau

The owners of the Back When Café say they believe in “the Slow Food Movement.” They use this term to describe their restaurant as the exact opposite of most fast food restaurants. They have made a commitment to supporting local farmers, cooking food that is healthy, and using sustainable methods to cut back on their environmental impact. Their ingredients may be pure, simple and natural, but their creations boast dynamic flavor and a unique, eclectic twist on Northwoods favorites.

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